About Koji2ka

Koji2ka, construction company, organise a group of experienced carpenters and builders in Kawaguchi city.
We do business in Japanese, English and French, and we welcome the clients from all over the world!

AI Construction co.,ltd., our senior company, is Saitama and Tokyo-based, construction services company and is a leading builder in fireproof building market segments.

We have earned recognition for undertaking complex projects, embracing emerging technologies and systems, and making a difference for their clients and employees.

We are not a big company in Japan, but we show “individuality” in the construction industry.

You think about renovation or building in Tokyo?

Do you think about renovation or building in Japan?
Or do you have difficulty communicating with construction company?

Koji2ka, we could help you!

Whether in Japanese, in English or French, We don’t change our estimate.
We’re trying to show you the best estimate.

For restaurant or store managers

Do you have a project or plan to renovate your restaurant or shops?

Please feel free to ask us !
We can help you to realise your ideal image at a lower cost.

Our Team

工事二課代表 Avatar

Chief Manager: Aika IIDA
Aika earned PhD degree from Strasbourg University in France, studied in wooden construction program.

工事二課代表 Avatar

Field Manager: Tomio KOBAYASHI
Tomio has over 50 years experience in construction industry.

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